Parquetry Floor Repairs Brisbane

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Parquetry Floor Repairs Brisbane

For parquetry floor repairs Brisbane wide, call Floors Are Us for a Prompt free on-site quote. Repairs to damaged parquetry may become necessary at some stage, especially with older floors. To avoid any further costs related to the damaged area, you should not leave them unattended. At Floors Are Us we not only supply and lay parquetry flooring, we also repair damaged parquetry. If any parquetry pieces dislodge, please do not throw them away as we can use them to repair the damaged area. As parquetry styles change over time, we may not be able to find the same size or colour of your original floor. This may increase the cost of your repairs. We do have many different suppliers that we can call upon to help us match your floor as best we can.

Parquetry floor repairs Brisbane

Sanding and Polishing of Parquetry Floors

Parquetry Repairs Brisbane Wide

Jason has extensive experience and personally carries out all facets of parquetry repairs Brisbane wide.

Repairs to damaged parquetry

Repairs to Damaged Parquetry

We will need to sand all repaired parquetry floors back to raw timber. This action along with the coating process will achieve the original look back to your floor. No matter whether it is one room or the whole house we can handle any parquetry floor repairs you may have. So for all repairs to damaged parquetry, please call Jason at Brisbane’s Floors Are Us for a free home consultation. We will provide you with a quote to repair your once beautiful floor back to its former glory.

parquetry repairs brisbane

Sanding Parquetry

Sanding parquetry is not as straight forward as sanding tongue and groove timber floors. Parquetry floors can have elaborate patterns. These pattern may see the timber blocks or fingers facing in different directions. We need to sand these floors in different directions. We use a higher grade of sandpaper in each direction. This is how we achieve a flat, level surface. We sand new parquetry floors once at a 45 degree angle. The next stage is the filling of the joins and then sanded in the opposite direction at 45 degrees.

The finishing touches

The parquetry floor is then grained up. This means sanding in the direction that the majority of the blocks are facing. We then work down to the finer grades of sand paper. After this process we screed fill the floor and then rotary sand. This will remove excess filler and sanding marks over blocks facing the other direction. When we are happy with the surface polishing, only then will we begin the coating process. This will be with the timber finish coating you have chosen. Floors Are us take that little extra time and care with all types of parquetry repairs Brisbane wide.

parquetry flooring repairs brisbane

It is a process we have perfected over many years and many floors. This process has achieved a wonderful finish for our many satisfied customers. We also sand, polish and install parquetry floors. Please call Jason right now on 0419651746 to arrange a quote today. We offer free home consultations on all repairs to damaged parquetry.