Timber Floor Finishes


Polyurethanes are the hardest coating available for timber, parquetry and cork floors. They provide high wear and scratch resistance and are available in gloss, satin, or matt finishes. These finishes will withstand many years of foot traffic along with trouble free care and maintenance – we recommend this coating on high traffic areas such as halls and stairs and for client specifically after durability and longevity.

Timber floor polyurethane

Water Based

Water based coatings are a good environmental choice with minimal smell. Generally these coatings are not as hard as the polyurethanes and will require more maintenance to look their best over an extended time frame. Water based finishes will leave your floor lighter in colour than polyurethanes, so if your floor is coated in polyurethane and you choose to do another area in a water based finish there will be a contrast in colour between the two.

Oil Based

Oil based coatings are like water based – softer than polyurethanes and requiring re-coating more often. These coatings are often used where the customer wants a more natural timber feel and look to their floors. Oil based coatings are very easy to repair, low in odour and flexible, offering a great alternative to the ‘plastic look’ of polyurethane.
If you are unsure of which coatings to choose, please call and arrange a free consultation. You will get a free expert opinion and advice regarding which coating best suits your needs and budget.