Brisbane Deck Repairs & Maintenance

We sand decks in Brisbane and can also oil, stain, or polish your deck to your requirements. Floors Are Us can also carry out any repairs your deck might require. Call Jason right now on 0419 651 746.

We Sand Decks in Brisbane

Deck sanding Brisbane

Decking requires special attention & maintenance when it comes to exterior coatings. If your deck has some sort of roofing cover over it, the coatings will generally last longer than decking that is exposed to the elements.

Deck Re-coating

There are many different treatments on the market but it all comes down to stains, oils or exterior polish. Pool decks require that little extra TLC.

What We Do
  • Sanding
  • Coating
  • Repairs

Deck repairs Brisbane
Deck maintenance Brisbane

Patios & Verandahs

Brisbane deck sanding experts Floors Are Us can update your deck patio or verandah and keep it looking great all year round. Speak to Jason about restoring your deck or any Brisbane floor sanding services right now on 0419651746.

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